San Diego Here's How to Get a Steady Supply of Qualified and Motivated Listing Leads Contacting You Each and Every Day.... on Auto-pilot!

Get 5 to 10 new listing leads contacting you every single without making a single cold call and without chasing prospects! Here's a hands-off way to get prospects calling you!


I want to say “thanks” for taking the time to grab my report on how to get listing leads contacting you each day, on auto-pilot, so you can focus your time on doing the things that bring in money. That report is on its way to your email and should be there in 10 minutes.
My name is Kabir Chimni and I’ve been creating and perfecting a brand new lead-attracting system for realtors… and I’d love to show it to you.

Can you imagine how much free time you’d have if you didn’t have to do any cold calling, prospecting, mailing, or other marketing that takes time, effort, and money. Believe me, there’s a much better way to get listing leads. I’ll show you how to reach dozens of potential listing prospects each and every day… and often times for pennies on the dollar!

NO cold calling, prospecting, mailing, or other marketing that takes time, effort, and money.
Picture this… dozens of potential listing prospects reaching out and contacting you each and every day. I’m talking potential prospects who live in the neighborhoods you want to get listings in… but you do it without chasing after them.

I’m talking potential listing prospects who live in the neighborhoods you want to farm in, and you’ll do it without prospecting! I can get you leads who raise their hands and TELL you that they’re going to move soon, and may need a realtor to list their home.

How awesome is that! I can get you leads who raise their hands and TELL you that they’re going to move soon. And because they’re moving soon… they just may need a realtor to list their home. Guess what, that can be YOU getting that listing again and again. It’s true, if you want to become a top real estate agent in your area… if you want to get more leads and potential listings… I can do that for you.

How? Facebook ads. To be honest, when you use Facebook ads…you’ll never, ever want to prospect another way again. You see, Facebook offers you a deeper level of targeting that’s more effective and efficient for getting leads than any other method. Using just Interests and Behaviors… you can find people who are likely to need your services soon.

In fact, I can use Facebook to pinpoint the exact areas you want to get listings in… find people who are looking to sell their homes, and set up a system in which people contact you, leave their name and number, and ask you to contact THEM!
Well, at least that’s what happens with realtors who use my services to set up a lead-generation system on Facebook. They can turn a few dollars per lead, and many of the leads turn into listing appointments.

Better yet, NEVER "cold call" again!

It’s true, I have highly targeted methods to pinpoint people who are most likely to hire you to list their homes. With a category on Facebook for people who are “Likely to move”… we’re talking prime, ready to talk leads who have a much higher likelihood of needing YOU.

Compare that to just picking a neighborhood and mailing a ton of postcards to those who “may” need your services. The methods I use are SO much more powerful than the , “cross your fingers” approach. Instead of the old marketing methods or simply praying for leads,  I can set up your Facebook ads to be automated and highly targeted, and very affordable.

Imagine if you got 5 to 10 people calling or emailing about your services each and every day!

That’s the beauty of it,  I can help you apply it to YOUR local business and help you get more leads and prospects just in your local area.  When I help you implement Facebook strategies specifically designed to increase leads, prospects, and listings… you’ll soon find yourself working fewer hours but making more.

So here’s the deal. I’d love to do a quick call with you, just so I can see whether or not I can help. If you’re a real estate agent… I’d love to show you how powerful Facebook can be for getting a steady stream of listing leads automatically contacting you!

I’ve set aside some time in the next 48 hours to speak to you personally… so go ahead and click below to go to the short application form.  There’s no charge, no obligation, and no risk to you. The application is just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Since I’m only working with one realtor from each brokerage in {name of your city}… you’ll want to do it now.  It’s not fair if I help more than one from the same office.  If you want to make sure it’s YOU who dominates your market…schedule a call at a time that’s good for you. 

We’ll talk in a relaxed, easy-going environment and I’ll ask some questions so I can get a good feel for whether I can help, and if we’d be a good fit. If so, I’ll share exactly how I can help you use Facebook ads to get a steady stream of quality, motivated listing leads calling you. You don’t have to do any cold calls or ineffective marketing. 

When you have an automated way to get leads flowing in, you’re able to spend more time on listing presentations yet working few hours. Click the link below, fill out the short application, & schedule your call.