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Get the Best SEO Service to Boost Your Brand and Reputation Higher

At KC Brand Management, we provide the very best SEO services to help athletes improve their visibility, reputation and profits. Read on to learn more about why we’re different and why you should get in touch today.

Search Engine Optimization is one of those things that you’ve probably heard of, but never really given enough thought to. It’s one of those things that you know you’re ‘supposed to do’, but perhaps you don’t have the time, or maybe you haven’t really bought into the whole thing.

This is a mistake.

SEO is the single biggest factor in determining the success of a website or business – and it’s no different for athletes. SEO, when done properly, will provide you with the tools you need to get your website and web pages to the top of Google for targeted search terms. That way, you get to control what comes up when someone Googles your name. For an athlete, SEO is also about reputation management – about choosing what people see when they search for your name.

And of course, this will also help you to gain fans and open up new sponsorship opportunities, while cementing you as a serious contender and a viable business partner.

If you’re at the top of Google, then more people will find you. If you are not, then they won’t. It is that simple.

And by using an SEO service, you will stand the very best chance of getting there. Sure, you can carry on trying to half-heartedly do it yourself. But the question you should be asking if that is your plan is: how has that been working out for you so far?

KC Brand Management: SEO Services You Can Rely on

A good SEO company will be able to do the following things for your business:

Help you to come up with a strategy to get more traffic

Help you to identify and target the search terms (‘keywords’) that you want to lead to your pages – what is trending? What do people associate with you?

Help you to add high quality content to your site and build links

Optimize your web pages to ensure they are in-keeping with Google’s guidelines and requirements

These include speed optimizations, AMP and responsive web design

Add ‘on-page’ SEO to help get your site to ‘rank’ for the target keywords

If the company knows what it is doing, then it can create a plan that will be keenly aligned with your goals and your budget – to ensure that you are growing as fast as your resources will allow while targeting the right kind of traffic. This is like having a digital publicist and agent all rolled into one: someone who can craft your online presence to your liking.

At KC Brand Management, we start out by discussing your goals with you and outlining a plan. From there, we will agree on how to move forward and will set about optimizing your page, researching keywords, writing content and building links.

You will be kept informed of our activities at all times through comprehensive reports. We pride ourselves on our communication and will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Over time, if all goes well, then you should see your traffic start to increase as more and more people start finding your content through Google and through the links we’ve built. You’ll see engagement go up and you’ll be able to push the content you’re less keen of down as your own site rises.

If you combine this with our other services, then you can expect a huge increase in the quality and quantity of your traffic over the course of a few months.

And if you don’t? Then you can simply cancel our services – no harm done. But we’re confident that you won’t want to once you see the difference that technically-sound SEO can do for you.

Beware Lesser Services

If you choose not to use our services, that is fine. But do be careful when choosing an SEO provider. Avoid the companies that seem to promise the world and avoid the ones that sell huge packages of links. Spend some time reading the site and communicating with the service providers to ensure you’re on the same page.

Some of the less reputable (and normally very cheap) SEO companies will engage in activities like recycling content to post on your site, buying links, or even posting links on ‘blog networks’. They might overuse your keywords, without thinking about how it affects the readability of your site.

These kinds of strategies may offer short term results, which ensures those SEO agencies get paid. But in the long term, it will lead to penalization from Google and could even result in your site being ‘de-indexed’.

Good SEO is about having a solid plan that is built around your goals and your brand. It means building high quality links and adding high quality content. It means improving the user experience for the visitor, so that Google wants them to experience your site.

That is precisely the kind of SEO agency that we are. If you want to employ an SEO service that you can trust to take the very best care of your brand online, then get in touch with KC Brand Management today.